Read actual comments from Bobby's students below.

Current Projects:

"CHIX 6"
at LaMama

Aerial Sequence Designe


"Bobby Hedglin Taylor is one of those people who not only convinces you that HE can do anything, but that YOU can do anything. 

His encouragement and professionalism create the perfect and safe environment for exploring new physical abilities. He had me confidently walking a high-wire in a matter of days for Chaplin on Broadway. He's a miracle worker"
    - Rob McClure, Tony Award Nominee  

"Mr. Hedglin-Taylor introduced me to the world of "circus" by giving me my first lesson on silks and the stationary trapeze. He initially prepared me for my role as Berthe in Pippin, and from there I went on to win the Tony! He was patient and encouraging and always put safety first. And I learned a new skill in my 60's."

    - Andrea Martin, Tony Award Winner  

"Having no previous training I was nervous going into rehearsal for the circus effects in 'Chaplin' but Bobby immediately put me at ease with his patience, extensive knowledge, and enthusiasm for teaching. From the floor of the gym to fourteen feet above the stage of the Barrymore Theatre I couldn't have felt in safer or more supportive hands while learning to walk the tightrope than Bobby's. Over the course of our time together he gave me the knowledge, skill set, and confidence required to 'sell' those pivotal moments in the show should I have ever had to fill the Little Tramp's shoes."

    - Justin Bowen